Tanning Sector:
Annual production about 3 billion sq.ft. Accounts for 10% of world leather requirement. Indian colors continuously being selected at the MODEUROPE Congress.
Footwear Sector:
Second largest footwear producer after China. Annual Production 2257 million pairs. Huge domestic retail market; 2021 million pairs are sold in domestic market. Footwear (leather and non-leather) export accounts for about 43.5% share in India’s total leather & leather products export. The Footwear products mix; Gents 58%, Ladies 30%, Children 9% and others 3%.
Leather Garment Sector:
Second largest producer and second largest global exporter. Accounts for 9% share of India’s total export from leather sector.
Leather Goods and Accessories Sector including Saddlery & Harness:
Fifth largest global exporter. Accounts for about 24% share of India’s total export.